Our Services

We handle all of your garage door needs, from new installations to maintenance and upkeep of your current door. Serving both residential and commercial customers and offer 24/7 emergency service. See our list of services below.

Garage Door Installation

We provide garage door installation for both existing homes and new construction buildings. For new construction installations, we can help you find the right style of garage door to complement your new home or building. We work with all types, styles and brands of doors, so you’re search is not limited. Once you decide on the one you want, our professional technicians will install it at your new place.

We can help you replace an existing garage door as well. If the one you have is beyond repair or you just want something new and updated, we can take care of it. We can help you find the appropriate replacement door and get it professionally installed.

Precision Door Tune Up

A garage door safety tune-up includes lube, oil balance and adjusting of door.

This service does not include any additional parts. In the unusual case that additional parts are needed, customer approval will be obtained prior to any work being done.

We will make sure your door is tuned to precision!

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Garage Door Openers

Garage doors are only useful when they can open and close properly. If your garage door opener stops working, we can help. Several things can go wrong causing the opener to not function properly. Our expert crew can take a look and find what needs to be fixed. This usually requires some replacement parts that we can get and install to get your garage door opening and closing like new again.

Garage Door Repair

Has your garage door stopped working? Whether it’s a broken spring or a mechanical problem, we can quickly diagnose the issue and work to get it fixed. We specialize in troubleshooting problems with sensors, springs, transmitters, mounts and more. We pride ourselves in being able to quickly pinpoint and fix problems, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your home. We are available for emergency repairs because we know you need your garage door working properly right away. You can trust us to get your garage door repaired as quickly as possible.

Hurricane Preparedness for Garage Doors

Hurricanes are no joke, aside from very strong winds it also brings with it different kinds of debris. Which can crumble our home into pieces, destroy our surroundings and wash out an area which used to be full of life. Hurricanes are unpredictable it can change directions in an instant. And we would like to address the importance of having the largest part of opening in our home which is our garage to be hurricane proof. Our garage is like a cave, it doesn’t have studs unlike the walls we have inside our home. So imagine strong winds brought by a hurricane passed and we haven’t took the precaution of having it hurricane prepared, our garage once destroyed it can enter our home thus destroy and might bring flood in side causing tremendous stress to everyone in the family.

Garage Door R Us, is serving residential and commercial areas around Florida, In hurricane proofing your garage doors, we will make sure that we will use quality standard or even surpass the expectations of the homeowners when it comes to the materials and equipment to be used in hurricane proofing your garage door. We at Garage Door R Us are all professionals and we will make sure that we will explain any procedures we will do in making your garage door ready and prepared for hurricane season.

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